Posted on: March 27, 2008 1:24 pm
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Free-throw shooting????

Just some end of the season stats concerning free-throw shooting:

Of the top 25 FT teams in terms of % only 5 made it to the NCAA tournament and there are only 2 left in the tournament.

For those of you who are stuck on %, that's 20% that made the tournament!

I'll take it further:

Only 16 more teams in the 26-100 range made the tournament. Overall that is about 20% of the top 100 FT% teams made the tournament!

By contrast, 36 out of top 100 teams in terms free throw attempts made the tournament, which is about 40%

36 out of top 100 teams in terms on field goal attempts made the tournament

41 out of the top 100 teams in terms of rebounds made the tournament

In the areas that I mentioned other than free-throw percentage, Memphis ranked :

#3 in rebounds

#4 Field goal attempts

#11 free throw attempts

So when the so-called "experts" make sweeping judgments on Memphis', they need to look all of the stats and not just pick and chose to sell a paper, and show or a damn column(Mike Freeman)!

But we all know that stats don't matter, right?


Posted on: March 26, 2008 1:59 pm
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Outsiders Don't Know about Memphis!!!!

From the desk of Mike Freeman:

"But Memphis is nothing more than streetballers. They're AND 1. They're rock stars, the Britney Spears of college basketball. The Tigers will sell out arenas and sell a lot of records but it remains to be seen if they can win a Grammy.

There is no display of team ball like UCLA or North Carolina or even Texas. They couldn't care less about making free throws.

All John Calipari does is roll the basketball onto the floor and his players shoot 3s and dunk and brick their free throws.

Yet make them adjust and run an actual offense and they can't do it.

The Tigers have accumulated a gaudy record because of the sheer force of the athleticism of their players. Calipari has assembled a group of superhuman trapeze artists.

But not a true basketball team. "

What??? first of all, who the hell is Mike Freeman and is he blind?!! He obviously does not watch the Tigers...he only echoes the sentiment of all of the media pundits that claim to know about this team and that team. As a matter of fact, I KNOW HE DID NOT  watch the game because in his article he mentioned the vast amount of turnovers the tigers committed in the Mississippi game. Since when did 5 TURNOVERS become vast?


As for the AND1 and trapeze artist statements he made, that is a bunch of B*&*S(*^!!! Do you think Coach K wish he had these AND1 players or trapeze artists right about now instead the of the WhiteBread three-point and free-throw shooting guys he has who went out in the first round last year and almost did the same this year were it not for the closest thing Duke has to a Memphis player in Gerald Henderson.

Lastly, I see Mr. Freeman mentioned UCLA, UNC and Texas as "teams"! Why did he not mention Georgetown, whom he said emphatically will win it all? Oh, it is probably because he is such a student of the game or maybe he was talking about next year!


Memo to Mr. Freeman: Pick up a damn basketball before writing about it!!!!


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